Good Country People

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“Good Country People” Questions

1) My initial response to the story’s title is that the short story was going to be about a happy family that lived in the country and drama to make the story interesting. At the start, it seemed as if anybody that was from the country were “good” and never did anything wrong throughout their entire life. The story basically begins right after Mrs. Hopewell says, “the reason for her keeping them so long was that they were not trash. They were good country people” (185). That’s when I realized that I was completely wrong about what I thought this story was going to be about. Mrs. Hopewell, is the main character, and rents out part of her house to the Freeman’s. Throughout the story, Mrs. Hopewell’s
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Freeman (194). This evil smell symbolizes the reek that Manley is leaving behind in the form of Hulga's ruined life. She has finally met her beliefs, and they have destroyed her.

5) O’Connor seems to admire Mrs. Hopewell the most. That is because it seemed like O’ Connor made the reader really focus on how Mrs. Hopewell was always caring, and interested in how Hulga was doing. Whether it was still treating her like a child, it also was due to the fact that she cared about everyone, and always tried to see the bright side and good in everyone. Hulga had a sassy attitude, and always had something smart to say back to her mom like, “If you want me, here I am—like I AM” (186). Ironically, when the bible salesmen was with them, Hulga referred to him as, “get rid of the salt of the earth, and let’s eat” (189). Hulga’s mom constantly said how “good country people” were the salt of the Earth, so Hulga decided to use mockery in order to explain herself.

6) In Flannery O’ Connor’s, “Good Country People” there are a couple different religious values that each characters have. Hulga is an atheist, while the bible salesman claims he is a Christian. Mrs. Hopewell makes it seem like to Manly that she is religious by saying she “keeps her Bible by my beside” (189). The only character in "Good Country People" with a relationship with God is the Bible salesman, but his fable of faith is unexpectedly crushed near the end of the story. This occurs when he
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