Good Customer Service Essay

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Introduction of AET:-

AET Transport Pty Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Fred Bingle of Melbourne, Australia. It's new company who quickly achieved its goals through long hours and hard work. Their employees were very responsible for servicing and cleaning their trucks. AET transport used dry van and refrigerated service which is the most demanding by the customer .AET transport has rental and leased agreement with some of the largest trailer leasing and rental companies in an Australia. The main purpose of the AET Company is providing good customer service and supplies their goods on time. AET transport takes pride in safety and compliance. They have mission to provide and improve their
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Ask more question to get their vent.

People just like to be treated with respect.

Give them free service.


Qualified or experienced staff and excellent training.

Open meeting.

Special training to handle the customer problems.

Customer feed form.

A statutory body in each state and territory has responsibility for issuing and assuring the quality of the service.

Market research.

Payment options.

Refund policy

Customer loyalty and reward scheme.

Monitoring process:-

Focus groups that focus on the customers complain and make the result how to improve the service.

Customer feed form are given details what the customer are think about the service and he satisfied with service or not and what he want more or change in the service.

working in manners and in good quality.

Customer service manager should get report of all the enquiries and response every morning of pervious day and take the decision how to improve the service and give a satisfaction to the customers.

It department should do audit on the online tracking system and check that employee are working in good way or not?


Trucks should be new with technology like dry and refrigerated.

Safety and compliance should be
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