Good Day Sunshine Fast Food Chain: Business Analysis

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Good Day Sunshine (GDS) Fast Food Chain Table of Contents The microenvironment Microenvironment analysis incorporates internal factors influencing the operations of Good Day Sunshine Restaurant. Bradley's business might be affected by its in-house factors including intermediaries, publics, customers, competitors, and suppliers. Suppliers Good Day Sunshine Chain of Restaurant will have its own suppliers and intends to practice a tight relationship with these suppliers. The suppliers come from two major divisions known as direct and indirect suppliers. The indirect suppliers will deliver products and other supplies to the direct suppliers who later produce food for Good Day Sunshine Restaurant. The business must understand the importance of all the suppliers and must cooperate in a professional manner (Kopelman, Caterson & Dietz, 2008). Competitors With the highly globalized competition in the 21st century market, Good Day Sunshine Restaurant expects a strong competition from rivals such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, and Red Rooster who have already established themselves in the market. All these rivals have established a strong brand image, a long business history, and a remarkable market share. In this context, Bradley must take into account the power of competitors to gain market dominance in the industry (Lockwood, Alcott, & IPantelidis, 2012). Customers Good Day Sunshine will serve millions of customers every day. In the first one month of the launch, the
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