Good Education Is Not A Learn And Dump Enters Long Term Memory

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Good education not a learn and dump… enters long term memory…. Helps with practical things in one way or another, encourages critical thinking. Helps different learning styles . good education improves the quality of life.
I would consider good education one that consist of learning that is not there merely there to achieve a good grade or to pass a test, but would result in long-term learning and retention of knowledge. Education is nearly pointless if what is being taught is not entering into the student’s long-term memory. My education thus far has consisted of being home educated from preschool through 12th grade, and in two years at J Sargeant Reynolds I have achieved my associates degree in science. Being home educated has taught me to be self-motivated; although good education is most important it still won’t change a student who is not self-motivated. My parents did not push me to go to college nor did they oppose it. At J Sargeant Reynolds I have certainly come across positive learning environments and negative ones. Both good education is implemented there as well as bad education. An example of good education provided at Reynolds would be a professor I had this past spring. She was organized, prepared, clear, helpful, and was remarkably knowledgeable in her field. She used different ways to teach the material such as PowerPoint with voiceovers, videos, examples, and hands on learning in labs. As a child I did not appreciate education. I liked what I was…

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