Good Employer : Employee Relations

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Good employer to employee relations is one of the key ingredient factors in determining success of a particular organization. Many organizations are encouraged through the Human Resource Department to uphold values that promote the creation of a conducive environment in both the welfare of the employees and the employer in the realization of organizational goals. In retrospect, practices such as poor employee behavior, sexual harassment, substance abuse, fighting, internet abuse, and work family conflicts are highly discouraged not only within the confinement of the working environment, but also outside of work as they portray a negative image of the organization or company (Series, 2015).

However, this fact only works on the reduction of such cases simply because most of them have been repeated in different scenarios within different organizations. This paper will explore some of the cases or acts, how the employer deals with them, the workers’ history in a specific company, how the act or action violates the employer policy, and the likely result of arbitration in relation to the offense committed. This essay will creatively implement these steps using three fictional scenarios: 1) Substance abuse 2) workplace conflict and 3) sexual harassment.

Scenario One
To commence with substance abuse, Mark is an employee of the Allmark International Freights, a company that deals with clearing and forwarding. For the past ten years, he has been working for the…
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