Good English And Bad By Bill Bryson

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In his article “Good English and Bad”, Bill Bryson focuses on how English grammar changes throughout history. He stresses that people should not worry about how to use English correctly because English derives from Latin and not all Latin rules should be applied to English grammar. In the article “Why Good English is Good for You”, John Simon stresses how English must be used in a proper way by following its rules. Simon believes that good English can express one’s idea clearly and people should spread the use of good English. Both Bryson and Simon have good points, but sometimes people should avoid following grammatical rules in order to freely express one’s idea, but sometimes people should follow it in order to write a good paper. The use of standard English rules should vary depending on who is using it. In the article “Why Good English is Good for You”, John Simon argues that “ ‘Figure out’ is precisely what a listener or reader should not have to do” (532). In Simon’s perspective, when people use correct grammar to write, the audience will understand the message. On the other hand, Simon emphasizes on how important standard English rules are for people, especially to illustrate their points of view or arguments. But those people who struggle with English can not handle standard English rules when they socialize, such as immigrants in the United States. As we know, most immigrants’ native languages are not English. When they communicate with other people in
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