`` Good Evening, This Is A Criminal Named

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‘’Good evening, this is Joan Hodges bringing you the news for the Hampton Woods area. The top story tonight is a criminal named
‘Marcus Finch’ who has recently managed to escape a local prison. He had been placed in jail for kidnapping and then eventually murdering his victims. He has been nicknamed ‘’The big bad wolf’ as he has very observable wolf-like features and his victims are usually younger children. Here is a picture of the criminal. So be careful, and if you see anything at all, call either the local authorities or our news studio at…’’

‘’’Raphael!?’’ His mother shouted up the stairs, ‘’Turn off that damn TV! I need you to come down stairs so I can ask a favor of you!’’ After a deep sigh of annoyance, Raphael manages to
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‘’Now, I know t hat you hate visiting your Grandmother’s grave, but as you should know, tomorrow is the anniversary of her death, and I would like you to take these over to her grave.’Oh yes, and remember to walk on the path and do not take a short cut through the woods!’’ Raphael felt upset as he loved his Grandmother, and visiting her grave only brought back horrible memories so he had been avoiding visiting her grave many times.

‘’Hold on a minute, why can’t you take the flowers? No offence, but she was your mother after all!’’ Raphael was feeling even more upset and hid this by showing aggression as he shouted at his mother. His mother just looked down at the floor without saying a word with a single tear sliding slowly down her face and splashing against the floor. ‘’Look, mum, I ‘m so sorry. I hadn’t even started to consider your feelings.’’ He silently walked up stairs back into his room as his mother stayed downstairs silently sobbing in the darkness of the kitchen.

That night, Raphael as per usual, was extremely restless in his bed, he was thrashing and trembling as if he were a wild animal, he was also muttering to himself; ‘Grandma…I’m so sorry…’’ In his dark nightmares, he sees horrifying images, like the terrifying picture of his dear grandmother, dying in his arms as if he were actually
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