Good Food Everywhere By Brett Martin

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I recently read an excerpt from an article by Brett Martin, called “Good Food Everywhere”. It is a short, yet funny piece written about Martin’s journey finding amazing food in different and random places. Making a statement, he ends his article with, “How to square the seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory of our eating lives with the supposed downward trajectory of nearly everything else?” (Martin 263). This quote here is the most powerful part of the whole entire piece, as it is stating a much bigger idea than simply eating good food at places throughout a trip. I’m sure the meaning behind this question can be interpreted differently amongst others, but overall, I’m sure we can all get a gist of the big picture. Martin is clearly asking how can we manage to reconcile the impossible, yet positive course of good food in our lives, with the negative path of everything else. For “everything else”, that might be where some opinions differ. Martin touches on how phrases like “Kosher in Fargo?” and “Filipino in Detroit?” and not astounding to hear anymore because we the people have come to rely on having good food everywhere (263). With that being said, it seems he feels that even though great food is at our access just about everywhere, there are still countless downfalls in our country. As the list could probably go on and on, I will touch base on a few. For instance, global warming is affecting our world and without our help, there’s nothing we can do to fix it. Also, the
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