Good Governance and Role of Public Servant

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1. Introduction 2. Definition of Good Governance 3. Characteristics of Good Governance 4. Importance of Good Governance 5. Good Governance in Pakistan 6. Public Servant and its role for Good Governance 7. Conclusion
Governance is not a new concept. It is, as old as, human civilization. Governance has various forms and manifestations according to varied and diversified needs and gigantic challenges with ever changing circumstances. For example, accountability, justice, law and order, poverty alleviation, judicious allocation of funds and distribution of resources, reducing economic disparities and inequalities, provision of education, health facilities and other
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Democracy is world over recognized best form of government .All nations of world strive for this form of government. VII. PROVISION OF BASIC AMENITIES AND HEALTH FACILITIES: As it is commonly said, Healthy body healthy mind. So education and health sectors are crucial for healthy human and economic development. Nations with their higher investment in a. Education and health sectors have achieved greater growth rate. Improper attention to this sector would drag us to abyss. Health facilities should be provided to populace at gross root level. This would help to make people aware of epidemic and chronic diseases. VIII. TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATION SERVICES: Today”s world is global village. We are living in the era of ‘information age.”Safer and faster transportation facilities are available. Distances have been reduced from hours to minutes. People to people contacts have become increasingly closer. Digital libraries, Tele education centers, Tele medicine centers have been established worldwide to facilitate people. E governance is also deepening its roots to provide good governance. Therefore, it is essentially important for state to provide Information and communication services and for that purpose developed countries have set up ITCs.
Importance of GOOD GOVERNANCE cannot be ruled out because of its multidimensional advantages. It is integral part of human and
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