Good Governance in Pakistan

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Good Governance in Pakistan.
1. Introduction
2. Definition of Governance
3. Governance in Pakistan.
4. Failures of Governance in Pakistan
5. Causes of failures:
1. Political commotion
2. No democratic setup
3. Military intrusion
4. Feudal indulgence
5. Massive Corruption
6. Constitutional crises
7. Institutional clashes
8. Mismanagement of resources
9. Lack of Accountability
10. Over Exploitation of funds
11. Restrictions on media
12. Ethnic conflicts
13. Secterianism
14. Extremism
6 Essentials of Good Governance
1. Public Participation
2. National Integration
3. Political stability
4. Constitutional supremacy
5. Institutional supremacy
6. Unrestricted media
7. No military intervention
8. Socio economic development
9. Independent
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It created a big gap in the economic development and progress. It gives platform for several others problems. The condition of Pakistan is not commendable. It faces bundles of threats because of political instability.Governement should play effective role to curb this menace. Several miscreants are taking benefits from this self created political instability. For the survival of their own existence, politicians are trapping in the nets of trouble makers. Good governance cannot establish in the presence of political commotion. Politicians have become power greedy. Lust for power has tightly closed the curtain of brain. They cannot have the potentials to comprehend the shrewdness of trouble makers. They are habitual of perks, privileges and power.
No democratic set is present in Pakistan. It further aggravated the deteriorating condition. It has created unstable environment around the whole country. No one is satisfied and happy since independence. Absence of democratic setup gives birth to multitudes of problems. This gigantic problem is creating turmoil.
Constitutional catastrophe was the biggest problem of Pakistan. After independence Pakistan took long seven years to draft constitution. It also laid barriers in the path of governance. Constitution provides framework for policies. Decisions have been taken in order to view constitutional boundaries. No decision has been taken outside the framework of
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