Good Interpersonal Relations And Team Spirits

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The in order for the team to work smoothly it must possess the characteristic of good interpersonal relations and team spirits (Kerzner, 2013, p.179). To ensure that teamwork is effective the “necessary expertise and resources” must be available (Kerzner, 2013, p. 179). Making sure that the team knows the projects demands aids in forming an effective team. This can be done by clearly defining goals and program objectives (Kerzner, 2013, p.179). An effective team will encompass the characteristics of obtaining involved and supportive top management, along with good program leadership (Kerzner, 2013, p.179). Communication is also an important characteristic of an effective team. This can be done by having “open communication among team…show more content…
The project manager has to craft a communication plan in order to keep all stakeholders informed. A risk assessment must also be prepared, to assess potential risk and formulate risk reduction plans. Lastly, the project manager must form a human resources plan that outlines the skills required in order to complete the project. Communication The stakeholders involved in the building of an additional location of the Michigan famous Leo’s Coney Island restaurant are a major aspect of the planning processes. How the project manager will communicate with stakeholders must be determined early. A new stakeholder involved in this construction process would be the customers, for example the local high school football teams that frequent the restaurants due to their involvement in hosting football games (WXYZ News, 2015). The information that this stakeholder will need to know the details about the new restaurant such as location and amount of customers it will seat. The message that will need to be communicated is that the new location will be located on Lapeer road in Lake Orion, Michigan, in almost equal distance between Oxford High School and Lake Orion High School. The new restaurant will be able to host up to fifty people at a time. The message will be communicated as soon as the zoning is approved and the project is officially underway. It will be communicated on a
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