Good Knight

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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AHMEDABAD IIMA/BP0232 GOOD KNIGHT IN 1973, when Mohan boarded a second class compartment of the Jayanti Janata Express to Mumbai (Bombay) from Thrissur in Kerala in South India in search of a job, little did he realize that he would be known as ‘Good Knight Mohan in a few years’ time. Jobs came easy to this young new Electrical Engineer, but he was not satisfied. After switching jobs twice, Mohan started a trading firm to deal in ceramic insulators. While this paid for his livelihood, he experimented with the design and production of indigenous diapers from his flat in Kalina. Sales were limited and market never picked up for want of perfection. Also many people did not know then what a diaper was all…show more content…
Since he had no other option open he took it and got the machinery released from the airport. The financier’s son offered funds for purchase of raw material on a condition that he be given sole Distributorship of Good knight. In mid 85 the father-son franchisers came with a proposal of 50% stake in the company, lest they would pull out immediately from the business, and Mohan have to settle their accounts forthwith. Though he was pushed to the wall, he did not give up. Finally, on hearing his story a loan officer of the Bank of India who had provided him with a credit facility of Rs 0.5 million earlier agreed to bail him out. The total liability that Mohan had with the bank of India came to Rs. 2.10 million after settling his dues with the private financiers. HE had promise to repay the bank by November 1985. It was mid 85 and a personally known advertising agency made a television advertisement for Rs.0 .50 million and on 45 days credit. The first television commercial of Good Knight came on 31st July 1985; only large reputed company advertised these days. Product To drive mosquito away people had been using an organic coil which emitted smoke on lighting. Yet another method followed was use of skin ointments. Transelektra Domestic Products introduced Good Knight as a substitute to all such mosquito repellers. Operationally it was simple. A rectangular light blue colored paper mat of 3.5 cm x 2 cm is
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