Good Leadership Characteristics Of Good Presidents

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Good Leadership Characteristics of Good Presidents For our presentation, we have decided the best theme to show the many traits of great leaders was to show them in the Presidents of the United States. There were many different presidents who had different qualities; some bad and some good. In our presentation, we will show you the president who showed a specific trait in their actions. Most of the presidents who showed positive character traits were are remembered in a good way. Many of the presidents with poor leadership traits became very infamous. Theodore Roosevelt- Courage: The 26th president of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt, was a very well-liked president; mostly because of his personality. He was a hard worker and played many sports including boxing, fishing, running, and mountain climbing. His childhood really influenced his personality and character traits that they carried on to when he became the leading general at the Battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American. He led what was known as “The Rough Riders”. His impeccable courage guided the Americans to victory. Also, when he became president, he created the “Square Deal” which helped the American get out the coal shortage slump. His courage to get Americans through droughts and rough times shows that he can be a great leader. As Teddy Roosevelt showed, courage can guide people to victory, as he did in the Battle of San Juan Hill. George Washington- Confidence: The 1st President of the United States,
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