Good Leadership Skills

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Leadership We see leaders around us everywhere. Regardless of what the profession or expertise is, or what sort of an institution there is, leaders are required. There are many leadership characteristics that come into play. In other words, not everyone has what it takes to be a good leader. Surely, in school all of us are taught things like team work and good leadership skills, leadership itself falls under a huge category. There are many models of leadership present that serve to analyze and assess how much of the leadership qualities a person has in them. Leadership changes are also seen in many schools as well. There is a change in not only roles, but alterations are noted in relationship and responsibilities. There is change in not only the roles, but the responsibilities and the relations are effected is well. It is seen that in this form of leadership, there is less tendency of hierarchical within an organization. Servant leadership is basically a set of leadership practices and the philosophies regarding leadership. Surely most of us know what leadership really is. Leadership is seen simply as the accusation and exercise of power for someone who is on top of the pyramid. This is the conventional and simple form of leadership that we all know and love. Where on one hand there is the conventional form of leadership, the servant leader model is the form where the needs and concerns of others are put first. In this model, the needs and concerns of others are placed
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