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Goodlife fitness represents a company defined by a transformational vision, and it has created, communicated, modeled and built that vision into a socially responsible, customer oriented organization. Goodlife fitness is a privately owned national chain of fitness clubs founded by David Patchell-Evans in 1979. Goodlife comes under Canada’s 50 best managed companies for the past 6 years. In the 31 years Goodlife has been in business, they’ve proudly helped more than 750,000 members enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. With 275 clubs, 8000 associates and 1800 corporate partners, Goodlife is the largest fitness company in Canada and the fifth largest in the world. According to statistics one of every 45 Canadians gets a slice of Goodlife.…show more content…
294). In essence, transformational leadership is leading by example, exhibiting a set of behaviors and values that others are to embrace as part of an organizational vision. Transformational leaders create a strategic vision, an organizational culture tailored to the environment, communicate this vision by emphasizing its relevant importance, and model this vision by symbolizing qualities sought to be elicited by others.
Unlike transformational leadership, transactional leadership has been the traditional focus of corporate leaders for many years. Transactional leadership takes a self-interest approach and focuses on achieving organizational objectives, increasing organizational efficiency, boosting individual job performance through valued rewards and ensuring sufficient job resources. Essentially, transactional leaders focus on measurable performance and profitability, where as transformational leaders transform organizational culture by initiating a vision.
Whether corporate leaders practice transformational or transactional leadership, any successful leader must be charismatic. Charisma, according to McGraw-Hill, is, "a personal trait or relational quality that provides referent power over followers."

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