Good Management For Continuous Due Diligence And Clear Communication

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Good Management is about accountability and being able to execute, coordinate and implement programs and policies to ensure that the organization runs smoothly. Also it entails one to constantly be aware of the facts and to have the knowledge and ability to follow-up on all matters pertaining to the organization. In any organization good management calls for continuous due diligence and clear communication that is rooted within each task at hand and providing the tools and resources necessary to help move forward people needs, mission and objectives. However, these functions can become very challenging at times, especially when one has to deal with some unions, and administrations over time. Thus, politics become the absolute determining…show more content…
However, all private companies can make any changes they feel that is necessary at anytime to keep in line with current market economy rates. Also private companies and firms do have direct powers and control when it comes to their hiring and firing policies. On the other hand, the NYCB&T and USPS must do all of their transactions through their respective unions which make the changes and process very laborious. The quality of work life in government can be improved if top managers had more of an idea of what each agency under them were responsible for. Two ways of improving of quality of management and work life in government would be as follows. Managers should be given the sole authority to examine their departments and implement the necessary changes that are needed to make the organization run in a more efficient manner. One of the most central factors in being a good manager is to be able to recognize what is going on within as well as outside of the organization. In governmental agencies, that have several departments within one building it would be an excellent initiative for the managers to

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