Good News On American Medicine Reflection

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The seminar that I am leading is the integrated and managed health care systems. One the lessons I’ve learned from watching the documentary “The Good News on American Medicine” is that as doctors we can make a difference in the way we deliver health. That is an important message with all the uncertainty that lie around. That is easier said than done, however. What separate Grand Junction and Seattle and other town mentioned in the video was that the doctors worked collaboratively to ensure low-cost quality care. To accomplish that it means that we must make sacrifices, time and/or monetary, to achieve the same goal. While watching the documentary, I thought of NBA and the decisions different organization and player make. When Lebron first went to the heats, he and other teammates took pay cuts to allow the…show more content…
While interning in the OR, most anesthesiologists could not tell you how much the equipment they used everyday costs and a lot of it went to waste. For example, for many LMA cases 2-3 different sized LMAs would be opened and prepped in case one was not appropriate. However, having the unused LMA open meant that it was contaminated and had to be thrown away. Each one of that LMA costs $13, which is pretty expensive. The cost can really add up when you there are on average 5-20 LMA cases performed daily. Most residents, CNAs, and attending aren’t even aware of the cost. The only reason I know is because of the head anesthesia technician in charge of placing orders informed me. There are less expensive LMAs available but most people on the anesthesia team are reluctant to change because of the lack of desire for change and the ease at which those LMAs offer them. However, I bet if there a portion of their salary was tired to amount of used/wasted equipment they would not only be more vigilant about how much they waste but would also be more invested in using equipment that cost less and ensure the same
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