Good Night, And Good Luck

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The film “Good Night, and Good Luck” portrays and exemplifies the story between Senator Joseph McCarthy and the CBS news reporter Edward R. Murrow. Within this movie, it reveals and demonstrates the governmental issues, in the actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy. It also shows the effects his actions and decisions had on society and the film focuses on would be firstly, the role and power media plays within politics, beliefs, communism, and the government. It also shows the way government often takes advantage of their power and they use that power to control humanistic liberties. Within the actions of senator Joseph McCarthy, it is tremendously obvious that McCarthy’s indifference and disregards for civilian’s civil rights and treats…show more content…
Due to this specific part of freedom, people were not supposed to be treated any differently by the government for their political belief, but senator Joseph McCarthy did not respect the individual liberty which was given to each person. McCarthy decided that since he had more power being senator of Wisconsin, it meant he had the power to take away the liberty of a man and divert a man’s beliefs by disrespecting and treating them differently due to their political stance. One of the examples of Senator McCarthy taking advantage of his governmental power over communist citizens would be, the act which Joseph McCarthy took against Milo Radanovich. Milo Radulovich was a man who was a lieutenant within the United States air force. Milo was a man with a communist stance and belief, but Senator McCarthy discharged Milo from the air force. The senator used the excuse stating that because of Milo being a communist within the United States Air Force, Milo was a security risk to the government and could no longer serve in the Air Force. Joseph McCarthy stated that Milo was a security threat to the government, but McCarthy did not have any form of viable proof to show to support his accusation. This accusation and action show that McCarthy was taking advantage of the power he held within the government and using it to disrespect a man and discharge him from his career. The Senator did all of this
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