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The first section "January Thaw" mainly has to do with winter coming to an end with spring right around the corner. The skunk wakes up from hibernating throughout the winter. Some of the animals are described as being happy that spring is coming and other animals are sad that spring is coming. The main theme is the " freedom from want and fear". The mouse was sad about the flooded tunnels. The tunnels are flooded because the snow is melting as winter gets closer to an end. Mice view snow as freedom from predators because the mice used these tunnels for protection. The mice may not know why snow falls but they do know that they can use it for tunnels. This section is great because it talks about the animals that are lower in the food chain having…show more content…
This tree provided the family with its wood. During a storm, the tree was struck down by lightning. The inner rings of the tree have been through historical events. The first ring is estimated to have been dated back to 1865. The outer rings have been through newer events and the inner rings have been through earlier events. As he cuts the tree with his saw, he thinks of the different events that happened in this tree's lifetime. This tree is more than just wood, it has a historical background dating back more than a century. The tree is then cut into pieces for humankind to use. The next section "The Geese Return" is mainly about the start of spring. Due to migration patterns, geese were flying from nation to nation before mankind discovered the different…show more content…
It took that long for this tree to grow to that size and we as humans can use it once it hits the ground. When the man was cutting the tree up with his saw and thinking of all the events that this tree lived through reminded me of when someone passes away and has a funeral. At the funeral, family members, friends, etc., think about all the things that the deceased person has done in life and been through. I was able to see a connection between both humans and this tree. In today's society with all the cutting down trees and deforestation in the world, the people that cut down these tree's don’t think about the tree as a living thing or think about the history of a tree. This makes me think of other resources that take centuries to create like sand, oil, and metal, which can take thousands of years to
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