Good Out Of The City Location Essay

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Strengths • Good out of the city location. • High quality facilities. • passionate entrepreneurs . Weaknesses • lack of reputation or Brand visibility as a new estblishement. • Limited capcity to have as many rooms as possible arising from the nature of the establishment and lease agreement. • Limited strategic allies due to the newness in the business. Opportunities • The increasing growth of the market arising from cost conscious travelers. • Lack of competition in this tourism segment. • Increase in sales from student-related events. • Increased tourism campaigns by tourism promotion agencies. Threats • Competition from already exissisting competition and other new market entrants. • Introduction of bed and breakfast style as a result of increasing market demand. • Decrease in income levels prompting lack of leisure related services. Competition Analysis Like any other business, bed and breakfast establishments may have competition despite the scale. However, within the hospitality industry, Koromo Bed & Breakfast will be competing with hotels and logdes as the direct competitors. Among other competitors include motels that though have the same bed and breakfast setting, they differ because clients do not use communal rooms or have a chance to socialize. Competitive edge Koromo Bed & Breakfast has two distinct competitive edges that will distinguish it from its competitors. • The attention of personalized services: Koromo Bed & Breakfast inteds to provide its
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