Good People

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Good People It is difficult and complicated to define a good and a bad person. We all have different opinions on what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do. People have their own set of personal unwritten rules – also called ethic – which they live by. However sometimes the person himself does not know what he thinks is ethical right or wrong because he has never have to deal with the situation before. In the short story ”Good People” which is written by David Foster Wallace, we get to see what goes through a boys mind when he has an ethical dilemma. The story is about two colleges students who are waiting a baby. The problem is just that Lane A. Dean, who is the main character, does not know if he wants to…show more content…
He did it for himself. Lane’s views on things are black-and-white. He makes a big deal of putting things in contrast such as hell vs. heaven and good vs. bad. He even tries to put him and Sheri in contrast. It seems like he sees himself as the bad guy and her as the good person. He looks at things from many perspectives but instead of speaking to Sheri, Lane makes up scenario of what he thinks she wants to do at the end of the story. There is a lack of communication between the couple. They do not speak to each other at any point in the story. We get a feeling that the couple have not really sat down and talked through. “He hated himself for sitting so frozen. He could almost visualize himself tiptoeing past something explosive. A big stupid-looking tiptoe, like in a cartoon. The whole last black week had been this way and it was wrong.” Especially Lane – he has not faced the truth before he was at the park. The story has an open ending and it ends with a lot of unanswered questions, which leave the readers to ponder over the answers to the questions. The fact that it ended that way forces the readers to still think about the story and reflect on the situation Lane are in, after the story ended. “He was desperate to be good people”. The title “Good People” can interpret in different ways. The word “people” is in plural. The fact that it is in plural symbolises the fact
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