Good Performances In Bulimia-Idaho

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BYU-Idaho is a university located at Rexburg Idaho, well-known for their online academic programs and religious education. In fact, many of the students that go to BYU-Idaho because of the great religious life and academic formation they receive. Nonetheless, BYU-Idaho is a university that has characteristics like many other universities that offers online courses. One of these characteristics is the different academic development from online students like homework, quizzes, and tests. In fact, in the last years there have many assumptions from different professionals that a good performance in homework will cause or will be related to good performances in quizzes and tests. The purpose of this paper is to show that good performances in homework…show more content…
In order to develop this equilibrium was necessary to understand the academic performance since an emic and etic point of view done by a teacher assistant/student. Moreover, in order to perform the research collection of data was done. The data collected was from online students that varies from a number from 30 online student without any stratification. The data are performances that include quizzes, homework, tests, and other activities. Furthermore, the data was collect from different samples through all the winter semester at BYU-Idaho, so the data collected is from the months of January to April. Moreover, the research compares the different results of online performances in order to establish the relation between good tests and quizzes. It is essential to remark that all the procedures are well developed in an ethical way without causing any damage in the development of the…show more content…
7/8 Connect Quiz Ch. 9 Connect Quiz Ch. 10/11 Connect Quiz Ch. 12/19 Connect Quiz Ch. 13 Connect Quiz
60-63% 80-83% 70-72% 55-57% 59-62% 72-75% 70-71% 71-74% 56-58% 60-62%
D B C- F D- C C- C F D-

Test 1 73-75% C
Test 2 62-65% D

According to the gathered data, it was possible to compare the average scores between the homework performances and the quizzes performance of the last 10 weeks of study. The following is comparison chart between homework average and quizzes average.

In the comparison chart, we can appreciate the different levels of performance from the student, and we can deduct in an unbiased way objective results. We can observed how great, satisfactory, or regular performance of homework is not linked with a great performances in quizzes. For example, the third week of the semester was the week of study with the highest score in homework average percentages with an average of 98 percent from students, however, the quizzes average percentage was from 72 percent. In fact, as students presented great averages in online economic homework like 95, 97, 98, 90, and 93 percent, they did not present good averages in quizzes performances, but regular performances. Therefore, analyzing good averages of homework were not directly related with great averages of
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