Good Practices For On Line Stores

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2.1. Good Practices For On-line Stores An on-line retailing has developed significantly during the past decade. Early e-commerce stores were created with web designs comparable to tables or list-like catalogues, which may no longer satisfy on-line customers. Moreover the number of products for sale on the Internet, has increased considerably, increasing the customers’ difficulty in choosing and finding the right products . For that reasons, the web developers face a new challenge. The most important challenge is no longer to present well-stored list of products but to encourage customers to browse, increase their satisfaction throughout shopping on-line and finally spend more. Nowadays on-line sellers and web developers interact with…show more content…
The photographs are the source of the user’s first impression and can influence on the web site professional look. Small on-line companies stand to gain the most from the ‘About Us’ web page. This page should tell the company story, mention interesting events, include premises and team photos.2 The FAQ section is also important and should include key question regarding e.g. buying and paying process, returns, guarantee. If the web site includes the ‘Lookbook’ page, the developer should linked the featured products from this page with the relevant products on ‘Shop’ page, which will simplify the shopping process. To improve an on-line selling, Magento (e-commerce platform), suggest : • providing responsive web design – more than 50 per cent of on-line customers use tablets and smartphones, • personalizing the web site content to each individual buyer, sending them targeted promotions, • integrating social media by adding the ‘share’ buttons, which turns customers into advertisers and salespeople, • simplifying the checkout process by allowing guest checkout, auto-filling fields, asking for only essential personal information, providing progress bar, • offering free shipping. The best practises for on-line stores will be introduced into the fashion web site, developed in the following project. Implementing those e-commerce techniques should help to achieve the web site goals. The fashion boutique
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