Good Process Equals a Good Project

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Good Process Equals a Good Project Consider this. I am working for a large toy manufacturing company that runs its operations worldwide. The company recently received a request for manufacturing a new customized toy for a large French company. My company already has a large portfolio of toys that it can modify slightly to meet the customer’s needs. The director of International Sales at my company engages the research and development (R&D) department for making the prototype. The R&D department designs the prototype and sends it directly to the customer. The International Sales department is not involved during prototype development or its presentation to the customer. Meanwhile, the vice president (VP) of sales…show more content…
After much review, there are several factors that went wrong in the preceding scenario. For instance, the Project Charter (the Charter) should have been created during the initiation phase. According to the PMBOK Guide, this is the first phase in the project management lifecycle, as it involves, but is not limited to, defining the scope. At this moment, the financial resources should have been committed to meet the business goals. The Charter must be created and carried-out in phases to validate what the VP instituted. Simply put, this guiding document is used as a communication tool to avoid possible ambiguities that may contribute to project “scope creep” (PMI, 2008). Research suggests that is phenomenon generally tends to occur when new features are added to product designs that have already been approved, without providing equivalent increases in budget, time and/or resources. If you recall the several rounds of exchange of the prototype between the customer and the R&D department took six months to resolve is a case in point. Moreover, during the project kick off meeting ground rules should have been established within the project to make it more effective. An example list would include: • Project Manager (PM) is the primary contact for any project related communication. • Only the PM submits all final deliverables to the customer for sign-off or approval. Such ground rules
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