Good Student Feedback Begins With The Student

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Tip #1: Good Student feedback begins with the student. Teachers know that for feedback to be effective it must be detailed and delivered in a timely manner. However, busy teachers may find it difficult to proved detailed feedback on every assignment every time. To eliminate this strain on the educator and to give feedback that is most pertinent to the students, teachers must consult students. This can be done through both formal and informal questioning. Informal student interviews, done in class, can give students an opportunity to talk and discuss their problems with their teacher, but do not provide the privacy that some students may seek. To allow this student feedback to take on a more private and formal tone, teachers can ask students to hand in a self-assessment along with their writing assignments. Students’ self-assessments will give the teacher insight into what difficulties the student had while writing and will allow the teacher to base feedback and instruction around students needs. Tip #2: Find something to like about every student and do not be afraid to apologize. Students with behavioral problems may challenge a teacher’s ability to keep calm. Students who have a difficult time connecting to teachers likely experience difficulty cultivating positive peer relationships. When a teacher reacts negatively toward a student other students may perceive rejection of this student as normal. Positive teacher-student relationships are imperative for

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