Good Teaching Is an Art as Well as a Science

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“Good teaching is a skillful blend of artistic and scientific elements. Teaching as an art involves beliefs, emotions, values and flexibility, while teaching as a science utilizes instructional practices that are proven by research to improve student achievement” (Snowman and Biehler, 2006). According to (Peters, R.) teaching can involve formal methods of instruction as well as informal ways of organizing things so that children will be led to discover things for themselves. According to (Manning, H. 2003, p. 11) “A teacher is the one to impart knowledge to students in different ways to assist learning.” Teaching factors are considered if something must be accomplished. It is practically stating that teaching is what is being taught, who…show more content…
Positive skills and knowledge can also be gained. This is so as it prepares students to live in a changing world. According to William, C. (2007) good teaching is so much more than directing instruction. Students are being academically challenged and are performing at a higher standard. Their self esteem is increasing and this is because of the teaching curriculum and the teacher. Flexibility is crucial for a teacher to become successful in the classroom. It is essential for teachers to utilize varying methods of teaching as this will encourage greater success of the children learning. The teacher may find that a certain class is full of visual learners whereas another is full of auditory learners. The art is adjusting the lesson to accommodate each respective group. When Wasserman states that teaching is not a matter of clear-cut answers, she is urging teachers to be flexible. Flexibility allows the teacher the ability to improvise or the feeling of “doing the right thing” at a particular point in time. It is all well and good to have your lessons planned out but an expert teacher must be able to analyze a situation quickly and work to suit. It allows the willingness and resourcefulness to work around impediments. Teaching does not allows occur under ideal circumstances, and teachers must sometimes cope with inadequate facilities, insufficient

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