Good Things Don 't Last Forever

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Good Things Don’t Last Forever Within the duration of life, there can be times where things seem almost perfect. In Sula, written by Toni Morrison, some good relationships appear to be perfect. Even in relationships that have perfect moments, there will at times be problems. Sometimes, even good relationships fail. Good relationships do not last because people cheat, people leave, and people die.
Relationships end because people cheat. In Sula, Jude and Nel was a married couple who had a family. They were happy. Even Nel describes her love for Jude as “a bright and easy affection,” and “a playfulness that was reflected in their lovemaking.” (Morrison, 95) Then, Nel caught her best friend (Sula) and her husband (Jude) kissing and naked in their marital bedroom. “They had been on all fours naked, not touching except their lips…” (Morrison, 105) Apparently Sula and Jude did not have sex; they only kissed. Jude left the marriage after Nel caught him with Sula. The relationship ended because Jude made the choice to not face his wife after being caught being unfaithful. Infidelity is “an act of sexual unfaithfulness.” (Gough, 9) Marriages require loyalty, trust, and love. Infidelity is a common factor in the destruction of relationships. Many see infidelity as “the single most damaging thing that can happen to a relationship.” (About. Web. 27 Nov. 2014.) Cheating will tear a relationship apart, whether it is a marriage or a simple boyfriend and girlfriend
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