Good Time Management: Going Back To School As An Adult Student

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Good time management is defined as the efficient use of all resources to achieve a purpose, perform work, or conduct activities in a time period for which the beginning and end are determined (Akatay, 2003). Research identified that students who utilize time management properly, are the highest academic achievers ( Bost, 1984 Britton & Tesser 1991; Macan et. al., 1990; Bee & Ronaghy, 1990; Smith, 1998; Baltas, 1994; Mpofu, et al:, 1996; Misra & Mckean, 2000; Bay, Tugluck & Gencdogan, 2005; Demitris & Ozer, 2007). These scholarly statements both elaborate on Chambers statement, "The secret to being successful at anything in this world is to apply focus to just one thing at a time."(Chambers, 2015).
Going back to school as an adult learner can
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