Good Times and The Jeffersons

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Good Times and The Jefferson’s are well known sitcoms that premiered in the 1970s focusing on African American families living in poverty, while offering a comedic twist. The 1970s was in the heart of the civil rights movement, and these shows were based on the lives of blacks during this time (Deane, 2004). Both shows aired during the same timeframe, and it was evident that Good Times and The Jefferson’s aligned with the traditional stigma that society had of African Americans (there were often offensive stereotypical aspects present, such as mammy and sambo characters). When assessing character, Good Times cast starred Esther Rolles as the mother Florida Evans, John Amos as the father James Evans, comedian Jimmie Walker who played the oldest son James Evans Jr. (JJ), Ralph Carter who played the youngest son Michael Evans, and Anderson Bern Nadette Stanis as daughter Thelma Evans (Deane, 2004). Florida was portrayed to be a hard working individual who just wanted to see the best happen for her family. She had high hopes, as every mother does, of getting out of the ghetto and living not the life of luxury, but one where they wouldn’t have to face compromising their wants and needs. James Evans was the primary breadwinner, and he aided Florida when necessary as the disciplinarian. Their teamwork exemplified the true meaning of a two parent household. The children James Evans Jr. (JJ) Michael Evans, and Thelma Evans, are your typical sibling trio. JJ was the comedian of the
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