Good Versus Evil, The Allies Versus The Axis, World War II

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Good versus evil, the allies versus the axis, world war II was raging throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Neither winning nor losing was guaranteed to either side, so each wanted an ace up their sleeve. In fear of Germany acquiring a nuclear bomb, the United States set up their own program, the Manhattan project, in order to make one before the Nazis could. With the help of British and refugee scientists, and a blank check of two billion dollars, now $32.5 billion, the Manhattan project was born in 1942, and only three years later in 1945, the first atomic bomb was tested in New Mexico. Ironically, by this time Germany had stopped trying to make a nuclear bomb. Although the war was reaching its final hour, Japan showed no intention to surrender, so in order to avoid a costly invasion, the United States pulled out its ace and dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima and 3 days later, Fat Man on Nagasaki . With the war having ended and the world having seen the grand awe of a nuclear weapon, the enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality of the United States’ and Soviet Union’s alliance was no more, and the two superpowers were thrust into the Cold War. Although the cold war caused death and despair, the arms race between the United States and Soviet union had positive effects, therefore the cold war had a positive effect on the world.
Despite the Cold War having no direct fighting between the U.S and the soviets, there were still multiple costly indirect conflicts between the two…
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