Good Versus Evil and Democracy Versus Fascism

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September 1, 1939, was the day that Germany invaded Poland. Germany was seeking back territory that had been lost in World War I. On September 3, 1939, after Poland had been invaded, Germany and Great Britain declared war. Some historians may even go back to 1931, when Japan invaded Manchuria, but this did not fully-scale the war. The United Stated did not enter the war until Dec 7, 1941. This event did not take place until one of our military forts in Hawaii was bombed. This particular bombing is most commonly known as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Most American did not want to get involved with the ongoing war in Europe. Despite the United States best efforts to stay out of it, they were forced to join after the attack on Pearl Harbor, thus, resulting in their late entrance to the war. Many Americans felt disrespected and attacked. Such attacks lead the United States to stand up for them and take a stand for their country, such acts resulted in the six year war. The united states became the strongest nation in the world, thus being named the “good war” due to the outcome of the “good vs. evil” war, economical status, military strength, women being put to work and the African Americans fighting part of war they were already in after the World war II ended. Good vs. evil and democracy vs. fascism were some of the ways the United States projected the war to Americans. Which lead to the contribution of the names for the war, known as “the good war”. Many Americans believed
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