Good Vs Evil : A Battle Inside Us

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Good versus Evil: A Battle Inside Us
Good and Evil were currently planning on going to war, fighting with all their might. This happened frequently, located at the center of a person’s character- the heart and soul. The armies fought countless battles and this one was no exception. The war would be named later, with all the human’s friends repeating the gruesome details of the battle. The human would be known and categorized by this and whether Good or Evil prevailed in his heart.
“Get ready, folks, because there’s another war coming,” stated the Commander of the Army of Good. “We must believe that hope and peace will prevail. We must think that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. We must proceed to the battle and help the human
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The armies usually didn’t have time for a civil discussion seeing that Evil was NEVER up to a civil discussion. As the battle raged on, it seemed that for a while Good was winning. Then the tables turned. The Army of Good had three men left, as opposed to the ten men left on the other side. The battlefield, depending on who was winning, was painted with white for Good and red for Evil. The battlefield was almost all red, symbolizing a defeat for the Good side. Both groups were tired and hungry, but nevertheless still wanted to win the war. This was the human’s character on the line, after all.
“Love, hope, and peace will guide us, in our hearts, and on the battlefield,” the men were reminded as they saw the innocent blood of Good along with their comrades.
“Put down your weapons, and follow us to become creatures of the light, creatures who believe in hope, love, and faith,” spoke the Commander, who surprisingly was still alive at this moment. “You aren’t required to be labeled by your past or your future. Plus, if you join with us you can live in peace and harmony. No more killing, no more pain.”
The Army of Evil laughed for a long time, making the Army of Good cringe at the horrendous sound. “We could never put down our arms and follow in your path. We believe in greed, hate, and selfishness. We think that everyone should come and follow in OUR footsteps instead of the happy-go-lucky army people that you are. We will have more killing
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