Good Vs. Evil, By Flannery O ' Connor

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In the short story “A good Man is Hard to Find” written by Flannery O’Connor in 1953 and set in the rural southern United States, there are many themes, such as the importance of family, good versus evil, and Christian theology. The theme of good versus evil is more prominent throughout the story. This analysis will attempt to prove the theme of good versus evil that is present throughout all aspects, as seen in its characters, motifs, and symbolism, of thus producing a compelling and adventurous piece of literature.
In this tale a family takes a vacation to Florida where a murderer who calls himself the Misfit, who was well designed by O’Connor to represent the grotesque qualities of humanity, has just escaped from prison. During a brief lunch break in which the grandmother and store owner, Red Sammy, lament the ills of society and reminisce about how much better life used to be and how no one is good anymore; while ironically, they themselves are not the best people. Later, after a misinformed wrong turn, the grandmother’s smuggled cat gets loose and causes a damaging wreck, this angers her son Bailey but he doesn’t confront her immediately, he needs to attend to his wife who has suffered a broken shoulder. After a few minutes the Misfit and his henchmen find them and get out of their vehicle, they look like they might be about to offer help but the grandmother recognizes the Misfit and makes it obvious.
Now that the stage and plot have been set for “A Good Man is hard to
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