Good Vs Evil In Dr Jekyll And Hyde

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In each of us there are two people; one we show to the world, and one that we keep private and show only to our friends. This is a natural part of being human, something that exists in all of us. This is also the case in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, as demonstrated by Dr. Jekyll himself. Jekyll is a well to do doctor who is widely viewed as a respectable person. Outwardly, he presents as though he has no dark secrets. However, we learn at the end of the book that this is not the case. In fact, Jekyll has so much darkness in him that he feels the need to create a potion to escape from them. Thus, Mr. Edward Hyde is born. Hyde is the complete opposite of Jekyll, a being of pure evil who has nothing except bad intentions. The rest of the book presents us the struggle of Jekyll and Hyde, good versus evil. However, unlike the stories we were told when we were young, evil wins. Mr. Hyde takes over Dr. Jekyll, contaminating him to the point where Jekyll can no longer control Hyde. Hyde comes out whenever Jekyll lets his guard down, and continues upon his evil way until the death of Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde with him. We see that evil wins, that Dr. Jekyll is unable to suppress his evil side. This book gives us a great example as to what happens when we let our evil selves run wild. Because no matter how hard we try, evil will win. When we first meet Dr. Jekyll, there are several things we notice about him. He is a wealthy doctor who lives in a nice area of London, and has a very large
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