Good Will Hunting By Margaska Analysis

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At the very beginning of the story, two boys see a man and they start to have a conflict about him. In the beginning, it starts with what sorts of coat he was wearing but, later the conflict moves into the less deceptive things such as where he’s from. I don’t know if these boys are going to be writers, but they certainly talk with a lot of detail that indicates that the first-person narrator is an expert. The narrator throws a wild detail into the arguments, making this conversational planting with a lot of subversive fictions. The character in this fictional story has contrasting characters. Combined with this are other scenes, like including a few from their Logic class. It’s an ironic tale with the boys, who is attending a very dry Logic class (in the emotively named Cellblock) taught by the rather mysterious Ilgauskas “who was instructing at in the principles of pure reason also he challenged our reason for…show more content…
The character of Todd is attractive and, it seems to me, Robby is taken with him, not in a sexual way (he seems interested in Jenna) but in a hero-worship way. I love the way that this fiction platform also works for reason and logic. Even though Ilgauskas says that “we invented logic to beat back our creatural selves. As the reader approaches the story's final part, Robby begins to spin insecurely out of control. He then quickly loses touch with the girl. He disagrees and then gets into a physical fight with Todd. Finally, the reader realizes that Robby never acknowledges the true justification to isolate the identity of the coated man, nor does he look for it and yet the exciting fact to take note of is that the narrator is left alone, fearful that he must make meaning for the confusing and anxiety persuading the world in which he finds himself. The dialogue ends, with his friend, with the professor, and with the female classmate, no character in the story ever converse with the man in the green
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