Good Will Hunting Reflection Essay

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The basic process of interpersonal relationships and communicative interactions with

others is based primarily on emotions. In the film "Good Will Hunting", the characters

experience many emotions that impact their interpersonal relationships and communicative

interactions. Taking into consideration that each character grew up with a different lifestyle,

their interpersonal relationships and communicative interactions are affected in their

continuing years. The film allows us to see different personalities in each character and how

their emotions affect how they communicate.

Characters in the movie Good Will Hunting express a great deal of nonverbal

communication. It is one of the key aspects of communication. The
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The concept of listening responses plays a substantial role in the film. Will and his

therapist both reflect a listening response to one another through evaluation. Will's therapist,

Sean Maguire, evaluates Will constructively. Sean and Will share that they were both victims of

child abuse, and Sean helps Will to realize that the abuse he suffered was not his fault. During

his therapy sessions, within time, Will evaluates his relationships with the people he is close

with and is able to confront his emotional issues and make decisions about his future.

Characters in this film illustrate how important different listening responses correlate with


Emotional fallacies are good examples of how emotions can impact interpersonal

relationships and communicative interactions with others. In the film, Will has constant

irrational thinking and debilitative emotions. Fallacy of helplessness shows how Will is not

determined to find his satisfaction in life. As a result of his child abuse, Will continuously tries to

find excuses for what happened in his past, avoiding any confrontation having to do anything

about it. In the film, Will feels helpless, so he pushes his emotions aside for others to deal with.

Will also illustrates a fallacy of catastrophic expectations. Will consistently experiences

rumination. The consistent reoccurring thoughts of the trauma from his
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