Good Writing Is Honesty, Simple, Blatant Honesty

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Good writing is honesty. Simple, blatant honesty. An effective author can skillfully weave reality and fiction to create works that consume the reader until they’re inside the story. The piece is made compelling by incorporating vivid characterization and meaningful descriptions. My instructions for writing are as follows: 1. Be as honest as possible 2. Strive to make each sentence a masterpiece of its own 3. Use complex words to describe complex things. When it comes to honest writing, it does not get any more genuine than narratives, so I wrote one to describe myself and my rules for life. The Unfortunate Sensitivities of Being a Sixteen Year Old Girl Rule 1: Find the thing that makes you happy, and then do it. Last summer my…show more content…
It’s powerful. I like to be in the waves by myself, and to feel like I’m being swallowed up into the blissful nirvana. The waves are where I belong and where I thrive. I love the rhythmic uncertainty of being swelled up in wave after massive wave, to feel like I 'm on the brink of something powerful that could suck me in at any moment. Our oceans are such immense and mysterious places. They have connected and separated us as a human race since the beginning of time. The waves can be seen as obstacles we are always overcoming. Sometimes I leap into the waves before they come crashing down over my head. I fight the swirling, briny froth. Other days I just let the current take me; I relax my body as the waves undulate over me and sweep my feet off the soft ocean floor before replacing them again. And, there are the times when a wave will catch me off guard and come crashing over my head as I’m pulled into a washing machine of powerful crashing whitewater. I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist. Even though I 've lived in landlocked Colorado my whole life, it hasn’t suppressed my fascination for marine species and science. As I have grown older, I have become increasingly aware of the grim reality of this field of study; despite the fact that environmental vigilance and ocean conservation are becoming more and more crucial due to pollution and climate change, marine

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