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Good to Evil: The deterioration of an individual By: Sarah Warner Making bad decisions is a part of life. No one should ever choose to let bad choices rule their life because this can change an individual from good to evil. Various factors can influence an individual’s personality from good to evil. In the short story “Twins” by Eric Wright and “The Road out of Eden” by Randall Grace, the characters go from good to evil because of their actions and way of thinking. This is why people should think before they act, and the consequences of their actions. In both stories, the characters come to the scene of the crime with a plan to kill. However, their plans are very different. The wife in “Twins” acts out the plot of the story that her…show more content…
This is where the individual starts becoming evil. After the characters come up with a plan, the next step is to execute the plan and murder someone. The husband and wife go into the woods to act out the plot of his story. To murder her husband she has to “…get[] hold of a gun herself and giv[e] him every chance to prove her guess [is] wrong” (Wright 217). Her guess about the husband is correct because he pulls “…out the little handgun he [buys] in Detroit” (Wright 216). The outcome of her plan is that she is successful in the murder of her husband. Oddly, she is happy to kill her husband because she does not show remorse for her actions. Similarly, Steven has to get hold of a gun as well to make good on his plan. Steven and his friends are going to the woods even though they know Joe Ron is there. After Steven kills the bully, he stands in front of Joe Ron as he “just h[angs] there with a bright red mist around his head like a halo” (Grace 13). Steven feels remorse for killing Joe Ron unlike the wife. This shows that he is less of a deteriorating individual than the wife. They both kill to defend themselves. It can be more detrimental to an individual’s character to get away with murder than actually committing the crime. Usually when someone commits a crime the police arrest them. However, neither character is getting arrested. The wife is not a suspect in the investigation because “all she ha[s] to do [is] nurse her

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