Good to be Back

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It was a downgrade from the apartment he has previously shared with his employer, but upon his death there were too many memories associated with the mismatched space so he decided to move. His current residence was a one bedroom, one bath, little prison cell of a lodging that was barely large enough for one person. The fact that it was called an apartment and instead of a compartment was not glaringly obvious. All the same, the door flew open with a resounding thud and a familiar outline sauntered in. Its hands jammed into the pockets of exuberantly expensive pants which matched the equally high quality suit. Sebastian was seated at the scuffed, battered table with legs propped against another chair, cleaning a wide arrangement of gun parts and torture equipment from the last contract (which had been messy).
“Hiya, Sebby. Miss me?”
Within seconds Moran had leapt from his seat and had his hunting knife against Moriarty’s throat, pressing dangerously close to breaking the skin.
“Start talking. Fast. HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?” He growled menacingly, still not entirely believing what he was seeing.
“Ah, now isn’t that the question of the day. What are you going to do? Kill me?” Jim grinned from ear to ear, looking smugly pleased with himself. “You don’t frighten me, Moran. You’re overreacting.”
“ ‘Overreacting’ my ass, Boss. You blew your brains out. They were scraping you off the damn rooftop.” Sebastian didn’t remove his…

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