Good versus Evil in Oliver Twist

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Good vs. Evil in Dickens’s Oliver Twist All throughout Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist the reader is revealed to the fact that there is a battle between good and evil. There are battles between certain poor orphans who are Oliver, an orphan boy who is hidden from his real family and fortune, and Fagin, a Jewish criminal that eventually gets hung at the end of the novel. There are also other battles between good and evil throughout the novel, but one thing that is found strange about some of the battles is that not only the poor orphans having conflict with each other but also the rich, more fortunate people. Editor Jennifer Smith in her section of Novels for Students goes in depth about a conflict between Monks, Oliver’s half-brother, and Oliver. She states that Monks “has sworn to spend his life ruining Oliver’s, because if he does so, he can keep the money he illegally inherited from their father” (Smith. 135.). Monks keeps the money hidden from Oliver so that he can remain more fortunate than Oliver. Eventually, the truth is revealed, and Monks ends up dead in another country. Most of the people who are considered evil in the novel face consequences towards the end of the novel. One strange subject is that Charles Dickens shows battles between good and evil and the orphans are treated poorly all throughout the novel. There also is a lot of selfishness, and a lot of survival of the fittest mentalities throughout the novel. Characters seem to put other character down
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