Good vs. Bad Leaders: A Healthcare Experience

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Good vs. Bad Leaders: A Healthcare Experience There are good and bad leaders in every organization. This can be due to a lack of experiences, personality, or multiple other factors. If the reason a leader is not considered a good leader due to a lack of experience they can easily understand the techniques being used by the leaders around them. To know what is working for them, and what is not can be a huge advantage as a new leader begins their career. If their personality is the reason for their bad leadership, this can also be changed. It takes a lot of time and effort by the bad leader to change their personality to work with those around them. However, there are some personality traits that cannot be changed, due to their past of how…show more content…
Ms. Hall can be a motivational leader, however, she tries to be more of a friend than a leader, which can create favoritism, and decrease overall production when she needs to use her authority as a leader. Formal Training Mr. Smith has formal training including two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree. He started as a medical technologist in the early 80s and worked his way up to Laboratory Director. These degrees allowed him to excel with his verbal and written communication techniques. Mr. Smith is a formal leader who holds himself very well, and continually presents himself as a professional. Mr. Smith works well with other leaders, and has created a circle of professionals that he can use to his advantage. This creates power for him, which is essential in the leadership position (Vecchi, 2007). Ms. Hall is currently getting her Associates Degree. She has no formal education that corresponds to her current position. This has created a lack of verbal and written skills and has created an incomplete leader within Ms. Hall. This does not mean that leaders without formal training cannot be great leaders. In Ms. Hall’s case, this lack of professionalism is due to her extreme personality. She has an aversion for rules and regulations. This aversion is partly due to the fact that the position she is in was created for her when she was promoted.
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