Goodbye Columbus

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Sometimes there are two novels that have the same theme, and sometimes they have the same plot, but in the case of the two novels, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the novel Goodbye Columbus, by Philip Roth they explore the same dynamics of the chase of the American dream. In both novels there are similar themes, they both use the idea of sex and money as a form of power. Both novels can relate to each other because the authors decided to show how the pursuit of the American dream may not always be a good thing, and how sex and money can cause problems in that pursuit. Overall in both of the novels the reoccurring theme of sex, money and the search for the American dream is present and in both novels the authors show that just…show more content…
Their love is similar to that of Neil and Brenda. They are symbols of two different worlds, yet they find love, but in both of cases the love does not end happy. It is a sign that maybe what you think is perfect and what you think is right for you is not always the case. In The Great Gatsby the theme of sex is also a reoccurring one, many of the characters use sex as a form of power. It is easy to see that in both of the novels sex and money go hand in hand. Daisy and Gatsby don't have the same problems that Brenda and Neil have, and they don't have as big of a problem dealing with the different worlds as they do. Their connection is in the themes, both men see the women as sex objects and they both see them as a symbol of money. In the case of Gatsby, he does not see Daisy as a symbol of money as much as Neil sees Brenda that way, but it is only because Gatsby has his own fortune, and Neil does not. Yet Daisy is a representation of a women in the elite upper class, she has a high status in society, and she has also grown up in wealth, something Gatsby did not do. So to him she does represent something higher, just like Brenda does with Neil. The women in both novels have a huge impact on the themes. Daisy comes from a privileged family and has always grown up in wealth, she has a high status in her community and she is always getting men to fall in love with her. She has a charm and she is a symbol of higher status in society. She is used to
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