Goodnight Mr Tom Chapter Breakdown

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Chapter 2, "Little Weirwold" Summary This chapter begins with Mr. Tom continuing to explain the dog to Willie. The old man shows the boy how to make friends with the dog and how to help gain its trust. Mr. Tom begins the day by handing Willie a mug of hot, sweet tea, a preview of the many kindnesses that the old man will show to Willie, as a father to son would do. Willie gives up his fear of the dog and allows it to lick his hand, learning that the licking means the dog likes him. On the way out the door to have a "romp in the fields," Willie learns that the attic room will be his own. This first walk proves to be too much for the boy, who is weak and undernourished...... Chapter 3, "Saturday Morning" Summary The first morning at Mr.…show more content…
Willie can hardly stand still, but he feels terrible about it since his mother has told him that jumping and running are wicked. Mr. Tom challenges him to race the dog to the gate. When Willie loses, he nearly cries, because he remembers all the times his classmates have teased him, but Mr. Tom cajoles him out of it. Just as the three enter the garden, up comes Zach. Zach talks in a bookish fashion, and Mr. Tom comments on..... Chapter 8, "School" Summary It is Willie's first day of school and Mr. Tom has prepared a nice lunch of egg sandwich and two apples for the boy. Tom walks him as far as the Littles' gate, where Zach is waiting for him. The first glimpses of school are seen through the eyes of the children, both the newcomers and the regular students, who all comment that the school is very crowded and that a new teacher was hired to accommodate the city children. Zach is thrilled that there is a stage in the school, because he loves acting. The children are divided according to age and oddly, religion, as the Catholic kids are separated out. Zach, who is nine, goes with his age group, but Willie, who cannot read and write though he is eight, is..... Chapter 9, "Birthday" Summary Willie wakes up early the next morning to practice writing before school, but it is a special day, his birthday. After the ritual of washing the sheets and pajamas, he writes his name many times before Mr. Tom invites him to join exercising Sam the dog.

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