Goodnight Mr Tom

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Starting with the oldest timeframe pre 1960s. Due to Goodnight Mr. Tom written by Michelle Magorian in 1981. It is based on real story takes place before 1960s about ten years old boy William who is evacuated from London to the country social services as Britain stands on the ledge of the Second World War. Unhappy, deprived child slowly begins to flourish and makes friends under the care of old Tom Oakley. But his newfound happiness shattered by a request from his mother to back to London.
His microsystem consists of single mother, which was scandal in that time. Statistics shows that in early 1961 birth occur within marriage are 94% and that percentage decreased over years (ONS, 2013). William moved to live with Mr. Tom who become in his
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William mother seems to be authoritarian parent. According to Baumrind (1966) authoritarian parent believe that the child should accept the words of the parents for what is right, as there is no open communications, also believe in keeping the child in his/her place, in limiting his independence. Mr. Tom was an authoritative and sometimes authoritarian. Mr. Tom was looking for William and when he found him in the Church he shouts on him and shows that he is upset from spending half an hour on searching for him while he was prepared a birthday party in home for William.
However, one of the criticisms that have been leveled in Vygotsky’s work is his optimistic concept where he believed that all of the social and cultural experiences would influence positively on the developing child (Gray and MacBlain, 2015). Yet the case for William and his sister, William mother locked them in the wardrobe and leaves the house a week before Mr. Tom found them. Fortunately for William that he survived but the baby did not. And that shows there is some children live and die in a terrible
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