Goodrich/Hackett's Characterization In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Characterization is important to The Diary of Anne Frank because it helps the reader to empathize with the character in the play. In the play, it describe Otto Frank as someone who is very nice and kind. “He is a gentle, cultured European in his middle years.” (Goodrich/Hackett pg 701). They give detail on how his actions and behavior would be during the play. But when he came back to the secret annex after the war, he said that he was a bitter old man. “...I’m not the person you used to know, Miep. I’m a bitter old man.” (Goodrich/Hackett pg 702). He did have a lot of things to go through, like hiding in a small room for two years, having to keep quiet and make no noise while hiding, being found out and sent to a concentration camp, losing
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