Goodwill Analysis Essay

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Background Goodwill industry is a non-profit organization that provides training, employment assistance, and education to those experiencing difficulty entering the job market due to lack of education, proper training, or disabilities. A central agency coordinates the activities of over 200 independent regional branches. Most of Goodwill’s revenue is generated through the sale of donated items at its retail stores, which number over 2,000. These revenues are used to fund its employment and educational services. Goodwill Industries was founded in Boston in 1902 by Reverend Edgar James Helms. Originally called Morgan Memorial Cooperative Industries, its purpose was to provide assistance to the city’s unemployed through job skills…show more content…
Services are funded through Goodwill retail store sales, fundraising and donations. These services include: Disability Services – services offered to both employees of Goodwill as well as other individuals who have a medically documented disability. These include: • Job preparation – training, skill development and providing additional resources (i.e. transportation, counseling, etc) that may help the individual find success, • Job placement – working with employers to match individuals with the right job for their interest and skill level, • Follow Along Services – provides additional on-the-job training as required by the individual and provides ongoing support to the individual as they continue in their career. Employment Services – education, training and employment opportunities to enhance individual employability and develop skills for long time employment. These include: • Adult Basic Education – GED or ASVAB preparation, • Educational Vocational Opportunities and Lifelong Learning through Various work Experiences (EVOLVE) – resume development, interview training, dress and job behavior education, overcoming barriers to employment and helps the individual develop the skills to transition into long-term employment, • Goodwill Staffing Solutions – full-time employment agency supports finding long-term positions for Goodwill employees or other individuals of the community, • Resource Centers – provided to all employees and individuals – includes
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