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Ron Fernando Marketing Principles Assignment # 1 Goodwill Industries 1. Describe the three customer types mentioned in the video. What is each customer type looking for when they shop at Goodwill? What is most important to each customer type? The video mentioned 3 specific clientele for Goodwill Industries. The fashion shoppers, the bargain hunters, and the resellers. The Fashion Shoppers are most likely the frequent customers of Goodwill boutiques. Goodwill boutiques sells high end products with lower prices. These shoppers are what the Goodwill merchandisers are targeting when it comes to selling their trendier merchandise. These shoppers are the early adopters of trends and they put more value on style rather than the savings…show more content…
A fashion shopper’s bargain would be different from what a bargain hunter would consider a deal. Also according to the video, social values define what we see as a thrift; that is why they cater their stores to appeal to different demographics. 3. How do the four sets of factors affecting consumer behavior affect the buying behavior of Goodwill’s customers? Which of the four sets of factors affecting consumer behavior do you believe most strongly affects consumers’ purchase decisions from Goodwill? The four factors that affects consumer behavior are Cultural, Social, Personal, and Psychological factors. Each factor has a heavy effect on shaping a consumers buying behavior and so Goodwill makes their stores relevant by making sure to weigh in the most prevalent factor, among these four, based on location. The cultural factor makes it important to fill stores with items that match the culture of the neighborhood in which the store is located. The social factor make sit important to take into consideration consumers’ views of thrift stores. The personal factor makes it important to consider how concerned the target market for a particular store is with timing fashion trends, and the psychological factor makes it important to consider how a buyer’s perception of an item is linked to the item’s price. (Pearson Education, 2013) In my opinion, Cultural factors plays the biggest role in affecting the consumer behavior when it comes
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