Goodwill Industries Essay

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Goodwill Industries International
Each organization has its own structure, and breaks down the different sections of the organization based on that structure to best help the clients. Goodwill is no different. Goodwill’s organizational structure allows them to communicate from people at the top of the organization down to each store level. In any organization it is important for the organization to have some sort of structure to operate daily.
Organizational Structure
Goodwill’s organizational structure is hierarchically they are connected through the chain of command. Goodwill has 13 different organizations and each is run under their own umbrella. Each organization is governed by a voluntary board of directors. Each Goodwill
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GSC provides training skills to meet the requirements the employer looks for. The most popular skills are the opportunities in health care, retail, banking, and food service. These are just a few to mention. Local employers are seeking trained employees and Goodwill have skilled client’s ready to be employed. Community involvement means a great deal to Goodwill and the community. Goodwill’s contract labor to the Military, General Motors, and Briggs, and Stratton, Last year, 2011 the Goodwill generated $641 million in contracted work worldwide. No job is too large or too small. Goodwill partnering is an established fundamental for any community. The Goodwill of Southern California: Transforming lives through the power of work ("Goodwill Industries International, Inc.," 2012).
The Business Culture of GSC
Culture is an observable, powerful force in any organization. “Made up of its members’ shared values, beliefs, symbols, and behaviors, culture guides individual decisions and actions at the unconscious level. As a result, it can have a potent effect on a company’s well-being and success” (One Page, n.d.).
The business culture of an organization sets the tone and the management leader is the prime example. The GSC based in Southern California and the persons who live there make the contributions to the organizational culture. This is
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