Goodyear Aquatred Case

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Goodyear’s Aquatred Case

Goodyear, around the late 1980s was developing a tire that would set them apart from the competition. Unfortunately they were stuck in a time when replacing tires was not high on peoples list of pleasantries, which will be explained in greater detail. Goodyear developed what they called the Aquatred tire which was supposed to give greater traction during wet weather and a superior quality that would have the same traction after much use as some tires did when they were brand new. However, they faced a few problems along the way. The price for this new tire was going to be quite expensive. The industry at this time was not looking for a high performance tire so much, but rather something with a guarantee and
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In order to determine which option to choose, Goodyear weighed the advantages and disadvantages of each. The advantage of having a ‘premium’ tire is being able to charge more, thus generating higher profits. On the other hand, consumer perception at the time was that buying tires is a ‘grudge purchase’ and they were not willing to pay the extra money for features they didn’t want. Goodyear’s tires had always been marketed toward the average consumer who wanted a good tire at a good price. The possibility of losing those loyal customers was high. The second option of which distribution channel to go through also has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of moving to a large wholesaler, rather than just independent tire dealers, was greater exposure and possibly higher profits. However, Goodyear’s past revenue mainly came from loyal independent dealers, and it could be devastating to business if Goodyear lost that loyal base. In addition to the cost, independent tire dealers didn’t feel Aquatred’s ‘premium’ features warranted the high cost or that it would appeal to their customers.
In the end Goodyear tried to do too much and forgot their market and what made them so great in the first place. It is shown that in the ‘80s and early ‘90s Goodyear was in commanding lead of their competitors in the segment they were targeting. I believe that if they were going to launch the tire, then broadening their channels to a
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