Goofy: A Narrative Fiction

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The flames return, dancing and twirling gracefully with flickers of deep gold and bursts of soft orange, a beautiful facade to hide the true danger. Danger. The flames are now blazing and ferocious, all beauty now lost. The fire, nothing but a constant reminder of how it destroyed almost everything I loved. A wave of fear engulfs me as the images flood my mind. It’s a scene stuck on loop without a way to hit stop. Repeat, repeat, repeat; no way to fast forward or rewind, no way to take back what happened. What I did. It’s not the soft ocean breeze or the tickle of sand between my toes, but her sloppy kiss that throws me back into reality. My happy place with my goofy, canine friend, but I can’t escape this emotionless, lifeless bubble that I’ve locked myself in. Cautiously toeing the edge of the water I watch as ripples cut through my glassy reflection. Two steely grey eyes, a pair of iron gates shutting out the world. Once long, dark locks of hair now…show more content…
But there’s one that won’t go away. Flashes of her tear stained face echo in my mind, threatening to break me. “Lucinda Thomas, listen to me. You’re not some broken, fragile person so stop pretending to be one. You need to forgive yourself because I need you. Your parents need you. Please, Luce, come back.” It’s those words that I wake up to everyday, those words that make me believe that maybe there’s a chance that my best friend’s right for once. That maybe I can come back after all. I’ve spent months isolating myself from the people that I love most only to force my pain on their shoulders, and if that’s not selfish then I don’t know what is. Conflicting feelings pull at me, a whirlwind of thoughts tearing through my mind. As if a switch has been flicked deep inside me, the bubble bursts with an explosion of colour, showing me the real world, the real me. It’ll be a long process to forgive myself, but to be with my loved ones? It’s worth
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